Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letting Go.

Very rarely, at the hostel, do I manage to get some Me time. Its one of those times. Me times. r1's out shopping for Lawn. Yeah, summer's just around the corner. And r2's sleeping. I'm in my bed and I have the laptop all to myself. For atleast an hour or so. I just finished this huge bowl of Noodles. Maggie. I added more water than I should've. Diluted out the flavor. Bleh. Atleast I'm full. And that's what matters.

Losing a cellphone that you've had for more than two years, sucks. It really does. All of a sudden, I lost contact with all my people. My sim was gone. I couldn't continuously whatsapp my friends. I couldn't check Facebook whenever I wanted to. I couldn't google every little thing that came up in my head. I couldn't call N after midnight. I couldn't Youtube useless crap before sleeping. I couldn't write down lengthy notes on my awesome Light Notepad app about what was on my mind. More than anything. I couldn't go through my picture gallery of over 2000 images, and go all 'awww. good times :'] '. I just couldn't. Because it was all gone. And that made me sad.

But. It also left me feeling somewhat..liberated. Its interesting how you think you can't do without something, but then when it's taken away. You somehow manage anyway. I've just realized, over the past few weeks, how insignificant so many things that we revolve our lives around are. People, posessions, problems. They're insignificant. They come. They go. They leave a mark. They don't leave a mark. They don't matter as much. I think the only people who matter are those who're going to stick around. Those, you gotta hold on to. Everything else, you have to Let Go. And that's what my plan is. To Let Go of all the unimportant things/people in my life. Not cut them out of my life or throw them away, but to just, not let them matter to me as much. Why worry, yknow? Why waste yourtime on something that's not even worth it? You gotta know the difference. Its not easy though. Especially for a worrier like me. But i'm going to try.

On a lighter note. I miss watching movies. I miss knowing everything there was to know about every new movie that came out. Now, there's no time. I'm watching The count of Monte Cristo right now. Which reminds me of how much in love I am with Little Women. Weird that I haven't even read the book, yet there was something about that movie that just reached out to me. I don't know. I loved it. And that's that.

r2's alarm just went off. I think I need to wrap up now. Don't want to.

Oh btw, home was very homey this time that i visited. I didn't wanna come back. I wanted to spend more time with the Parents. The night before leaving, I felt such strong, overwhelming love for them. Didn't know what to do. So i did nothing. Haha. But no seriously. Ah. Okay. Whatever.

Another thing. I. Have. The. WORST. Memory. Ever.
I mean. I don't even know if its a memory thing. I've just become Careless. And that is an understatement. I've become SO careless with my things, its not even funny. First I lost my phone, which was stolen actually, but if i had kept it in a safe place like any normal person would have, it wouldn't have been stolen, so yeah, sort of my fault. Then I ALMOST misplaced my bag in college today. Left it in a room which is notorious for having stuff stolen from it. And I can't even beign to describe what was in it. Money, Original NIC, and what not. I suck. I almost lost s2's earphones the other day. I lose everything. :( I NEED to focus more. And be more responsible. Enough of the carelessness. -____________-
Somebody shoot me.

I shall go now. I think my tempo's broken.

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Anonymous said...

I am curious which phone set you had that you lost?:)