Friday, December 2, 2011


Unfinished notes on my cellphone are increasing in number as days go by. I write, i save, and i never open it again. Maybe I'; publish all that later, one day, when I have nothing else to write. Yeah.
What an ugly emoticon. In the title. Yuck.
So. Its 9:17 p.m. Im at the hostel. No one's in the room right now. Which is a blessing really. Because blogging is always fun when no ones around. We've ordered Shawarma. Then I'll have gol gappay and then Coffee. And I'm not even hungry. But. Im going to eat all that in an attempt at uplifting my mood. Because my mood sucks. And there aren't many things i hate more than feeling sucky. I hate this feeling. I like being happy. I hate being sad. Its as simple as that.
I need something to uplift my mood. I could watch a movie, or go out for a walk, or do whatever, but I know nothing's going to work unless I deal with all the teeny tiny little thready issues that I have on my mind. I also know that I can't deal with all that right now. Not today. Because it's sort of not in my hand. I hate feeling helpless. And useless. And eww. What a stupid feeling. I hate how i sound chirpy even when i feel sucky.
Okay the food is here. r2's going to get a movie. I asked her to get ANY movie I could watch anything right now. Hostel people have sucky movies. Losers.
Bye. -.-

Mr.Cuddles looks adorable today.

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Aliza Khan said...

Oh im feeling sad and i hateee it too. I mean its just not like me :/ I have been watching movies and listening to some really definitely-not-my-type muzik