Thursday, December 15, 2011

s1 has a blog!

So hi.

S1 has a blog now. About time she started balogging. *rollseyes*

Soooo, yeah. Check it out:


(for weird people who don't know who s1 is, she's my sister. 3 years older.)


Beyond Timid said...

Yeah, I'm going to remember that blog address for a long time (Eat, Pray, Love-get it?). *bangs drum and strikes cymbal*

Morpheus said...

Yeah its essentially based around the same thing =]

Also, luff luff my little one :*

Youzie said...

I read it as 3 years old. I was surprised when I opened her blog :P
but i get it now..

Roshni said...

You guys sound alike. Alot alike.

Richa Singh said...

I read! I liked! I joined!

Furree Katt said...

i followed her

now i want a cookie


Morpheus said...

Haha. Thank you all =]

Also, funny! Im baking cookies tonight :D