Saturday, November 26, 2011


I feel lucky.

I had my second Prof today. Went alright. The first one sucked. Not even sure if i'll pass. But, whatever.

I feel lucky. Because i've realized how pampered I am. Infact, i am a little amazed at just how nice everybody is to me, generally. My family loves me. I whine infront of my sisters 24/7, i mean, literally 24/7 about my exams, and they put up with it. I ask N to talk to me continuously, and she does. My mom, prays for me relentlessly, and dad keeps a check on everything in his own discreetly cute way. My cousin Nd keeps a check on me too and gives me mini-brainwashing-lectures from time to time. And promises me to give me his new Galaxy s2, incase i fail. My friends ask me about my exams regularly. And then i have the Roomies. They're good people. They pamper me because they know how retarded, clumsy and lazy I am. They find me funny. And they miss me when im not there.

I also have an amazing rooftop here at the hostel, where i can sit for hours by myself and marvel at the awesomeness of the sky.

What more can I ask for?


Richa said...

This made me happy! :)

Cяystal said...

Happiness has this quality of being infectious. If you see a happy person and you don't know the reason, it makes you happy in a weird way. :S
I hope you pass. Even if you don't, its all moh-maaya anyway. ;)
Aye wow, I want to sit on the roof top and do stuff too. :/ You're lucky.

Zeba said...

You lucky lucky LUCKY girl. For that hostel area and then the other stuff too.

Roshni said...

a cup of coffee! :P

Anonymous said...

It make me remind my hostel days:)
It is really fum to think about those days once you leave the hostel.