Sunday, December 11, 2011

From the study room.

So i'm sitting here in the study room, listening to music that I like, and talking to s1 on whatsapp. I just finished a packet of Nimko and cocomo. My back's about to freeze and my legs are already frozen. I need to pause this song. The lyrics are distracting. Yes. So, students have started coming to the study room. It was empty when i first walked in. Empty was nice. I hope nobody comes and sits next to me. I need my space. It was this want for my own space that made me come here in the first place. So yes, i'll be very annoyed if a random girl decides to sit in the cabin/desk thingy next to me.

There are certain recurring themes in my dreams. Like. My old school. Babies. Car accidents. What's up with that? I had a dream the other day. The other night*. Russian voodoo was involved. Hah. Weird.

My blog's been super dry lately. Just like my throat is, every morning. That dry. So sad. It used to be this cozy happy place. It was peaceful. Now its all. Weird. Because i blog from my phone now. Back at home, i took retarded pictures of useless things. And i posted them here. I don't even have my camera here. I miss it. I miss home. But it doesn't make me sad. Its a constant feeling, somewhere at the back of my head. Doesn't bother me at all.

I'm tired of being in the room. Tired of the blue and purpleness of it. Tired of the three beds. Tired of the cozy blankets. Tired of being out of clean spoons all the time. Tired of being around people. Im just tired.

I'm gonna go to the room, and get myself a shawl. And my wallet. Then i'll buy a cup of tea. And then. Biochemistry. Hectic days ahead. Still. Seventeenth. December. Is it EVER going to come? I don't think so. Maybe never. A cat's making weird noises.

So i did go and get myself a shawl. And tea. And a chocolate muffin that tasted like mattress. The cafe here has no coffee. So i asked the guy. Y u no coffee? Apparently, they only serve coffee once its foggy all around. Great. My phone's battery is almost dead. So i shall go now.

Dependency. I hate it. Scares the shit out of me.



Richa said...

I like reading you.

Roshni said...

Whatsapp FTW!
And how is coffee related to weather? o--0 Ajeeb campus yo. Good luck with studies =p

The Me. said...

richa: yay. that makes me happy.

Roshni: whatsapp be the best :D and ugh i know. No idea what the deal with the fog is -.- Loser canteen walay.

Randomhyper. said...

Tastes likes mattress? Interesting.
You can borrow my spoons. That sounds perverted.
17th December aa jaye ga. Just stop counting down the days :)

Morpheus said...

Awh. Come home soon. We can watch Pulp fiction and have hot shots and I'll make you some nice cake.
Also, I hope no one told you you have nice handwriting cause you dont =P

Remya said...

You got nice handwriting :P
Ahhh..and I can relate to the blog being dry... It's like winter came early in the blogger world..

Dependency is scary.. Funny...I was thinking abt it last night as well..