Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deathby proffs.

Weird day yesterday. Woke up early. Walked to college. Attended a one-hour lecture. Of sorts. Bought some stationery. Bought barbican. Bought Nestle juices. Hostel. Slept. Woke up. Studied. Studied. Slept. Woke up. Studied. Started panicking. Texted N. Talked about stupid stuff with N. Talked to s2. For two minutes. Talked to mom. Assured her that my prep was fine. Tried to study. Couldn't. Panicked more. Texted people. Felt worse. Had a craving for biscuits and tea. Went out to get biscuits. Got biscuits. Made tea. Had it. With biscuits. Took a break. Watched random movie trailers on my phone. Tried to study. Couldn't. Felt awful. Went to sleep. Woke up. Drank barbican. Studied a little. And panicked again. Wasted hours doing nothing. Felt shitty. Tried studying. Studied a little. Wrote a long note on my phone. Ranted, really. Erased it. Tried studying again. Ended up missing mom and dad. Went to sleep. Kept waking up every fifteen minutes. Had a billion dreams. Of fire and rain, and fire again. Of hell.. in my drawing room. Of a ship. And of a girl i don't even know. Woke up finally an hour ago. Around 7 a.m. Took a heavenly shower. Now here i am. Sleepy as hell. Studying again. Feeling shitty. Will do anything for a good cup of coffee.
Oh well.

Exams have a way of bringing me down.

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Maryam said...

Aye haye. You need me to teach you Relaxation Training. IT HELPS SO MUCH. Hope the tension lessens and good luck =)