Monday, November 14, 2011

s1 hates me.

While s1 was studying..

me: s1!

s1: the hepatic parenchyme is organized into cribiform anastomosing sheets or plates..

me: s1. Im scaredddd.

s1: ..of hepatocytes seen in microscopic sections as cords of cells..

me: s1! I cant studyyy.

S1: hepatocytes immediately abutting the portal tract are..

me: s1! Meray nakhray bardaasht karo.

s1: rederred to as a limiting plate forming a discontinuous rim around the mesenchyme...

Me: meray nakhray bardaasht karo.

s1: of the portal tract. There is a radial..

me: meray nakhray bardaasht kao!

s1: Shut up.

me: ...


Aliza Khan said...

hahahahahahaha Hmmmmm i'm sure she doesn't hate u ;)

Morpheus said...

I lufff youuuuu! :D