Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dead mousie.

A couple of mosquitoes just bit me. But thats nothing new is it?
I went a little nuts for a while today. Seriously I did. I sort of lost touch with reality for a while. But then I went online and ranted to s1 a bit, text-talked to s2 a bit. And ooh. When i went online, I caught up with an old friend which felt great. And another friend from back home. I feel so much better now. I actually do.
I have a substage coming up. The course is super long and I don't have much time. I should've studied alot today. And this weekend too. But I slept so much. Couldn't help it.
Watched a weird movie called Uncertainty on tv. The opening scene caught my interest. Tortured myself into watching it to the end. Realized that it wasn't worth it. Argh. Well. Whatever. It happens.
I need to write more about whats going on in my mind these days. Whats my blog for, right?
So yes, i will. Don't feel like it right now though. Cuz. I have to study, and i've already ranted enough for the day. So i'll do it next time I get a weirdness attack.
For sure.
Okay. Let me show you a dead mousie i found.

Eee. Haha.


Beyond Timid said...

You guys sure do have a lot of exams in Pakistan. :O I only have a maximum of two a week. friend once found a dead mouse in the locker room in our school last year. It's pretty uncomfortable changing when there's a deceased milky-eyed mouse staring up at you.

Furree Katt said...

poor mousie :( icky, but still poor.
good luck for your substage!

H.T said...

replace the tail and the mouse is like a squirrel

The Me. said...

Beyond timid: Eeeeek. Hahah. I hate dead animals. This one was somewhere in the corner though so i took a pic. And YES we have exams and tests ALL the time. -.-

Furree Kat: Thaaanks. :> Hahah totally. Icky but poor.

H.T: You got a point o.O