Thursday, November 26, 2009

There, and back again.

Yeah so I'm really psycho, when it comes to all my ‘moment saving’ thing. I don't like forgetting happy times. I don’t like it that something really awesome happens one day, and a year later, you don’t even remember half of it. I like remembering things and keeping a record of things. That's one of the reasons i write this blog too. I like going down my sweet (or not so sweet) memory lane and look at everything once again.

So, i take pictures. Yeah, thats what i do. I take pictures of everything. I take a lot of pictures. All the time. Well, at least i try to. And then i upload them to my super secret photo bucket account where they sit safe and sweet. I often look at old pictures and feel super nostalgic, and thats not a feeling i like to feel often. But its still worth it.Yeah well I told you, i’m just a little psycho about this.

I very often, just want to go back and re live moments. Very often. Aaah. I love memories. I can go on and on about memories now. But i don’t really feel like writing about it. Whatev.

I love and i miss ! And thats happy and sad too. Both. Its just pretty.

P.s. The title doesn’t really look appropriate up there but it does kinda go with what im trying to talk about here, right? Yeah.

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