Sunday, November 22, 2009

51th post.


I have a headache. I feel impatient and hasty. Very. I also feel exhausted and feverish. Again. I even checked my temperature. But well ofcourse. It said 96.4. :) Yeah. Ninety six. I mean. Seriously?? Thats not even close to normal. Not 98, not 97, but 9-freakin-6. =)

Pff. Anyway,
I had a get together with friends today. Amazing fun. But can't write much about that here atm, cuz i am exhausted. Totally. Everything aches.socks
Oh, and i was looking nice today. Such happyness. ^.^
Im wearing teddy bear socks today that my friend brought from England (=p pff) . Ugly, but adorable. Here, ive attached a pic.



Anonymous said...

I know.
Sometimes you WANT to be sick. So bad =P
I dont like your socks and I can see the nokia box under them that you use for your sucky mousie :)

Note: said...

Hahah, woot man.
Sucky mouse is officially thrown under the table. New awesome Mousie is here. ^.^