Friday, November 20, 2009

Some more pointless junk.

So there’s absolutely nothing for me to do right now except sit here and think about all kinds of random things to keep my brain busy. But my brains always busy. Whether i want it to be that way or not. It just is. Anyway. Thats not the point. The point is.. well, i don’t know what the point is. I guess thats the point then. That there is no point. Hmm. Anyway.

Im reading Emma nowadays. I like it. Emma, the main character, is weird. She’s totally spoiled Harriet, who i think is so dumb that i want to kill her. I like Mr.Knightly. He makes se – wth? there’s a teeny insect on my keyboard. SHOO! .. Anyway. Yeah so i was saying that he makes sense. Emma kinda annoys me. But lets see. Oh and did i mention Jane Austen spells the word ‘choose’ as ‘chuse’ ? Haha. I think its nice. We should be allowed to do that more often.

The neighbours are listening to pushto songs. Loud ones. Hmm. Chemistry practical tomorrow at college. Not looking forward to it. s2 ain’t replying to my text. She’s busy studying thats why. She has her physio proff tomorrow. Man. Im totally out of things to say, or write. Soon i’m going to cuddle up in that cozy brown quilt and just before dozing off, all kinds of random ideas would flood my brain. And thats pretty annoying cuz i can’t do anything abuot them at that time. Im hating what im writing atm. Its SO pointless. Why am i being pointless lately? As in, SO pointless? With no point, whatsoever. Maybe i should name my blog that. ‘pointless junk’. Yes.


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