Friday, April 8, 2016

3 am rationalizing.

Its almost 3 a.m. And I'm now in the middle of the third season of The Newsroom, which is too short for my liking. I've come to like this show (never really disliked it so i wonder where i'm coming from) because it was there for me through measles and days when my brain threatened to turn to cabbage out of boredom. Problem is: Im hungry. My stomach is making noises. The other problem is: There's nothing in the kitchen except instant noodles. It would be extremely unhealthy of me to eat noodles right now, i know i know i know, but who in the history of history has ever made a healthy decision at 3 in the morning? Will i be happy if i eat an apple instead? No. Would bread and cheese help? No. I need something soupy and savory. I mean. I plan on starting gym anyway, so a bowl of noodles can't be that bad can it? ALSO. I weighed myself today, (i hardly ever weigh myself, weight it just a number i say) and it was about 7 kgs less than i expected it to be. If i actually weigh as much as the machine says i do, i don't need no gym at all yo. BUT. I don't gym to lose weight, i gym to feel healthy. Now i'm talking as if gym is such a permanent part of my life. Its really not. Its just something that i need to incorporate in my life. Starting tomorrow. So, in celebration of that, i must consume a bowl of carbs, followed by a slice of that nice mildly sweet mithai i found in the fridge. I like it when mithai has pieces of foil on it. Sometimes. Well, this one looks nice with pieces of foil. So. Yeah. Noodles + cute slice of mithai. Done, and done. The decision has been made.
Im going to be asleep by 4 a.m. Funny how i was reading this article about people who wake up at 5 am, and i was tempted yes i was, but then what really happened was this unhealthy business that you just witnessed. How can i wake up at 5 if i am going to be sleeping at 4? But then again. All this will change. Soon. So let's be shit for a while? Funny how i was talking to N about temporary fixes and how i despise the idea of it. I am being so irrelevant and incoherent that I should just stop and go make noodles. I will post this without proof reading it even once, because if i do, i will end up deleting it.
Deal with it.

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