Friday, February 20, 2015

Soft apples and dark afternoons.

February has been a blur. A hazy crazy blur. Everyday has been packed. It has not been easy. But it has not been bad either. I know i like it. Under all the whining and complaining and going nuts, I like it. I like being so busy that my feet hurt almost every night. There's something that feels so good about letting life consume you for a bit.
Most days I have been out the entire day. I like being out. This, being in my room at the end of the day, listening to some music, reading words that i can reflect upon, and sipping my green tea, has come to mean so much to me. Its my time. And when i can't have that, I know something needs to change. 
I know I'm not getting time for a lot of things, but things will slow down after a while, and I think I'll be able to catch up. But for now, it's chaos. 
Its crazy windy these days. The amazing cold kind of wind that flows through your hair and your clothes. I love it. Yesterday I got back from a lunch with friends from home, and even though i was so tired, I went out and walked for an hour. The wind made me shiver.
I have Arctic Monkeys playing on repeat. Just one song actually. And its good.

Ah I'm tired. This post feels scattered and tired. Time to hit the bed.


Xeb said...

Which song?

The Me. said...

Do I wanna know?

Astha said...

:) I like Arctic Monkeys.

SaJ said...

I don't know how to say this.
I met S2.
She's read my blog.
Or what's left of it now.
Oh and I met S2!

The Me. said...

Hahahha. Yes she told me. :D

SaJ said...

And? Details, man, details!

The Me. said...

Hahah you want me to write it all down here? :p

SaJ said...

Fair point. :P Find a way! Don't leave anything out. :P

The Me. said...

Haha. So. S2 likes to read blogs and so she has read yours too. And once I joked with her that if she goes to demont, she's going to see you or something. And then she actually did. :p And told me about it. And it was funny because I had joked about it earlier hahah. So that was it basically. :p