Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just eat up all the gray.

 I'm back in my dark little room, listening to Explosions in the sky, down with flu and overloaded with soup, joshanda and noodles. And anti allergics. And a pain killer. Today has been weird. The past few days have been weird. Weirdly good at times. But weirdly shit too. It's all a little chaotic.
Last night I sat on top of a slide, with some old music on. The sky never gets boring. Froze to death. Not the best thing to do when you've got the flu but it was just so quiet and peaceful. I must do it again.

My roomies are forcing me to attend this thing that i don't want to attend. I'd rather go to this new place V discovered. Sit back, talk and relax over cups of coffee. That's what I'd like. But r2 said she won't take no for an answer.

This is my favourite time of the day btw. Being in bed. With only sleep to look forward to. Why isn't there a perfume yet that smells of silver markers? Which reminds me. That I've missed typing. I'm on my laptop right now, and I love the sound the keys make when i type. And you know what's the other sound that i love? I love the sound that the spoon makes with the mug when you're stirring something thick. That nice gluggy sound. I love that.

We have a professor this year, who i really like. He's a nutcase, in a good way and makes everyone laugh. I usually don't find teachers funny but this guy is old and cute and crazy, and the best part is that he teaches really well. So. Yay.

It rained today. Made me want to walk for hours and hours. And so i did.
I like midnight blue and blood red.
Ah, i love the cold.

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