Friday, January 9, 2015

Days these days.

I have a good routine going on these days. Ugh, s2 is watching a show, and it's distracting me. So, i usually wake up around 12-1. Then breakfast, eggs and sausages. Then me and s2 basically don't do much all day. Which doesn't sound very fun, but the boredom is relaxing in a sickening kind of way. In the evening I spend time with my parents, and later me and s2 sit around the heater in our chairs like old people and talk. Sometimes when s2 goes out, i doze off in my chair. Its one of those old grandfather chairs. Sounds comfy, i know. Anyway, then there's dinner and Friends. After that, i go out for a walk. I love my daily walks. Frozen face, red nose. Sky. When i come inside, I shower with water that burns. Then green tea. The last thing i do is watch a movie with s2. Then I read one out the three things i'm reading. And fall asleep.

But too bad, I hardly have any time left at home. Oh well..

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