Sunday, April 20, 2014

One of those times.

I really envy people who can write. Really write. Who can transform thoughts into words. Channel out all that emotion. I really envy them and I wish I could free myself of this heaviness in my head (heart?) By writing about it. Talking is too literal. Too open. Too risky. With writing you can say everything without revealing anything. And that is quite a luxury isn't it? I would like to have that cuz God knows I have stories to tell and thoughts to share but no way of putting them out there without taking away from them part of their essence. So, more often than not I choose to say nothing instead of everything for fear of mutilating what is so beautiful or meaningful in my head.
And this is one of those times. 

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Astha said...

You say you wish you could express your feelings, and yet you did exactly that in this post. We all feel the same way. Sometimes words are not precise enough to explain a certain thing. But even attempting to write them out helps sometimes :)