Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bullets and Rants.

So yeah. I turned 22 yesterday. But more about that later in the post because FIRST, i want to whine. Because I'm annoyed. Why am I annoyed? I'll tell you why.

Well. First. I was sleeping. And then N called and gave me an assignment. Which was due in a few hours. Now the stuff she asked me to do, I suck at it. So i was like. NOOOOOO. But then i ended up doing as much as i could. And that was that.

Second. I have an assessment tomorrow that I don't want to give. I hate it. But I am sort of forced to give it. Which is making me mad.

Third. My s3 restarts itself whenever it wants. And STILL hasn't received the Jelly Bean update! How is that fair?

Fourth. My mom is being stubborn about things. And she doesn't listen to anyone when she's like that. So i don't know what will happen.

Fifth. Disconnection sort of spiked again today. Disconnection and dissatisfaction. Bad combo. Bad.

Sixth. Winter is almost gone. It left me. And broke my heart. Just like that.

Okay.. Now for the good stuff.
Hi. :)

Okay so yesterday was my birthday! YAY. It was a goood day. No big surprises and all that. Which is actually what i wanted this time. Went out for lunch with a few friends. Then a late late dinner with family. And some crazy laughter. :) Good combo. Also, I looked good. And i feel old. But also very young.

Also. I went to the LLF with two of my friends, and it was great. Interesting stuff. Now i need to go buy some books.

Had two very very light weeks at college. What fun.

I passed my professionals. And got more marks that I expected.

Went out a lot. Which made me feel busy. Busy and happy.

Oh i don't know. I still feel stupid. AND on top of that. I had a sick dream. About a weird little kid. Who was about to die. And i was holding it in my hands and it was about to break. It as in the kid. It was a she btw. She was about to die. And then i woke up because my phone rang. And it was N. And you already know that story. So yeah.



Ridx said...

Happpy Belated Birthday. And you went to LLF? Lahore Literature Festival? omg I so wanted to attend that too but since I live in Karachi and had already visited Lahore in January, the end of January, I couldn't afford to go there again. Its time you should change your cellphone. Haha. Oh these dreams. I always get nightmares and really scary ones which always make me feel kind of terribly tired when I get up. My entire body aches. and I can totally relate to the feeling when you are forced to do something you don't want to do. Winter is almost gone and isn't that good? I just love love love summer.

Thoth said...

Kinda late. But Happy Birthday.

Astha said...

Hahaha! Such a cute post! Happy 22nd! :) I remember when I turned 22 last year. It was bittersweet. You're suddenly so old, and yet not old enough. It's the perfect age! :D

The Me. said...

Ridx: thaankyou :) . Yeah maybe you can make it next year! and man. summers? really? Without air conditioning (hostel), and way too much work load at college, summers get quite unbearable here. :(

thoth: hi thank you.

astha: Really? I thought 21 was. But if you say so! haha thankyou :)