Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some things.

There are somethings that only dad can do. Like open my jar of puck at Sehri with his eyes barely open. Or add an extra hole in my sandal/watch strap. Or make fun of me when I fall sick. And somethings only mom can do. Like. Feed me freshly cooked rice out of a tiny plate with her own hands. Pick up a drad cockroach and throw it away. And this:

Me: Ma I need a lamp.
Ma: okay. Kis tarha ka lamp?
Me: Bas lamp. Kisi bhi tarha ka. Yellow light chaiye.
Ma: angry birds wala le aaun?

Aww my baby.


Ridx said...

Oh my. Exactly no one in this entire world can replace your parents.

oh and I have a suggestion for lamp. Should I tell you one place where you can buy awesome lamps? little book lamps? :)

oh and you have been awarded at my blog. :D Have a look. :)

A. Zahra said...

That's like the cutest conversation you could only have with your mom <3

The Me. said...

Ridx: Haha i need a room lamp. Bigger than a book lamp but book lamps are so cute. I must buy one someday!
AND THANKYOU for the award man [: How nice of you to think of my blog.

Zahra: I know!!