Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bullets 14

  • Being in my new home is such a joy. It's so peaceful. I feel like I am on vacation and i feel at home at the same time. 
  • Met my friends today. Crazy little shits. Love to embarrass me in public. But they make me laugh. And that's what i love about them.
  • Harder times are to come in near future I'm predicting. And my problems are often not my problems but when has that made anything easier? 
  • I have learned that hospitality goes a long way with people. Must learn to be more hospitable. I am too informal for my own good i think.
  • I have also learned that it's good to keep your distance from people who bring out your uglier side. You know how Rumi says. 'Set yourself on fire. Be with those who fan your flames.' That. Them. The fans. Those are the ones you want to be with.
  •  I dreamt that it was raining very hard and I was riding a bicycle really fast. Almost flying. I was laughing and could feel the wind rush through my heart. But then I got kidnapped and people started slashing me with blades and stuff. Yeah..i know. Bi polar much?
  •  I hate negativity and all kinds of emo shit in case you haven't noticed. Also, I saw some girls do a presentation the other day. It reeked of desperation. I hate that too. I mean. Give me a break will you?
Anyway. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.
Took this on a morning busride.

Reading hemmingway, surrounded by books. <3 br="">

The comfort of wooden floors and lamps.



Thoth said...

A Farewell to arms at Readings. :'(

And watch your language young lady. What's with all the sh*t word?

The Me. said...

You know readings? I love readings!
And shit is such a harmless word. since I don't swear at all it's like my go to word for everything. (:

The Me. said...

Also. I appreciate the regular commenting man. At least one out my 100+ followers is actually reading my blog.

Z said...

Sometimes while searching through the random oddities on the internet, I find (among the cats) a person whose thoughts actually makes some kind of sense with the things that happen in my brain. I have not (to my knowledge) met you, nor do I know you, but I want you to know that you are, in fact, awesome. It's a shame that with our technology we can find those we may connect with and never have the opportunity to truly know.

Shit is such a harmless word. There's no harm in swearing unless it's to hurt someone.

The Me. said...

I mostly just write to declutter my head so im surprised that any of my banter made sense to you.
But I'm flattered nonetheless. Thankyou, this made my day! :D