Monday, March 7, 2011


Note: Im writing this post at 12.30 am. But i'm gonna post it tomorrow at college where i get wifi. (turns out, i forgot to post this at college, so im doing it now on gprs :/)

Hi, y'all.
Im under my quilt right now, about to sleep. College tomorrow. Had a short trip over the weekend. We all went to celebrate s1's birthday. It was fun. Birthdays should be nice. Its s2's birthday this friday. Haha. We three have birthdays one week apart. Buuuut, mine comes first so its the most exciting one. Muahaha.
Okay whatev. I need new headphones. S1 stepped on the previous ones :/ .
Ooh. Btw. Ive realised that i love the smell of rain+paint. I mean. I already loved them both separately but that day, during shifting rooms in the hostel, it was raining and me and my roommates were getting our room painted. And oooooh, the smell. YUM. Super yum.
Anyway. Im all whiny nowadays. So i dont really know what else to write. Im superwhinylike. I wanna whine ALL the time. What should i do? :o
Awww, i love my cellphones keypad. Its so flat and smewwwth. Haha. My fingers be gliiiidin over it yo. OmGimsolame.
okay enough. Bye.
I need more peace in my life. Give?

P.s. 100 FOLLOWERS! Im the luckiest. Awwwww. My dear wittle bloggiee, that no one knew about. Has a hundred followers. Aww :'D .
Thank YOU!


Asad said...

Happy birthday S1 and S2!

I need new earphones too. I used to have blue earbuds that perfectly matched my ipod. But then they stopped working and I gave them to my friend who said he'd have them repaired. But he didn't. -__- So I have to do with some random earphones I found in a drawer. But they're horrible. I don't really want to be able to hear the traffic outside when I'm listening to music.

Also. I hate the smell of paint. It makes me cough. But the smell of paint is love. Combine that with the smell of a new book and aaah - bliss.

Congrats on the 100 followers! I'm almost halfway there. :D

MagicalMe said...

I love the smell rain + paint too :D
and for the whiny part, try appreciating small, little things in life that are actually very important :D works for me, im always less whiny and more positive after doing that

and congrats :) your blog is not so little now after all :)

Roshni said...

paint and rain smell = YUM?
You be crazy yo :P

The Me. said...

Asad: Loooong comment. Haha yay! ^.^
And same heree. I want awesome headphones now. =[ Im gonna get new ones. Expensive ones. Unbreakable ones! Yes!

And oh God. SO TRUE about the book and rain. Yum-er =\ !

Your blogs great, you'll soon reach a 100!

Magicalme: Thaanks! And yeaah, i do thaat. I love all the teeny awesome little things happening around me but sometime it gets hard >:( . Im fine though. =]

Roshni: Noooo. Its awesome =[ Trust me!