Saturday, March 26, 2011


I'm at my khala's for the weekend. As usual. Got two tests coming up. Got to study for the two tests. Instead, im blogging, and watching tv shows, and having coffee, and sleeping, and eating chocolates. Im not even enjoying myself. I'm just like, mehhh.
Whatev. Im glad Im going HOME in a few days. After three months, ladies and gentlemen. THREE months. Can you believe that? =\ Weird ,is it not? I'm going to shop, and eat and sleep and eat and watch movies all night long, and catch up with s1, and mom and dad, and eat, and sleep, and stay online all night, and walk on my terrace and meet my friends and ALL THAT. InshAllah. I am going to do all that. *deep breath* . Just a few days more..

I'm wearing nice summery clothes. Its a purplish shirt with cute white dots on it. I like it. Oh and I hate it when girls wear plain shirts, with printed Shalwars. Its just not cool. I don't get it. =\

I watched Men of Honor that day. With my Roomies. Haha. But anyway. That movie. The guy. Who is so driven and hardworking. Made me wonder, if there are actually people like that around us. Are there? I haven't really seen any. Everybody gives up. Not giving up, ever, sounds inspiring. But I guess one should know when to give up. What if you're just wasting your time? Bleh, I don't know. Gibberish.

My mood fluctuates alot these days. Randomly.

I gotta study the Lower Limb today. Femural triangle, and all that. Lumber Plexus. Plexus. Plexus. Sounds like a computer company's name. Plexus.

I want to shop alot. I don't feel like shopping too often. But these days, i do. ALOT. I want to shop till i drop. Lame. Hahah. Whatev.

Whenever I go out, i look at the sky. Its kind of a habit of mine. Do you?


Roshni said...

cloud watcher:p hi5

SaJ said...

Haha. I used to have plexus in all my passwords. Prolly shouldn't mention that here though.
You sound touchy like an iPhone. :) #randomthought

N said...

men of honour is one of my most favourite movies. just so you know. =p

Maryam said...

Yes. I always look up at the sky whenever I go out, its one of the first things I do.

Sidrah said...

me too, me too.. look at the sky.. =D

Cheer up, it shall pass =)

Anonymous said...

Lower limb! -_____________-
You're so right with the plexus sounding a company's name, I wonder how am I gonna learn it all -.-