Sunday, March 4, 2018


I’ve been sleeping poorly. Poorly is an understatement. Last night I got a (medicated) six hour stretch of unbroken sleep and woke up in a daze. A happy daze. Snuggled up with mom on the sofa and annoyed her by throwing week old balloons around. Breakfast was a boiled egg. It’s raining a little bit. Walked to the nearest place to get some coffee. I’m mad about fresh mornings. The coffee machine was broken. They apologised. I smiled and said it was okay. Came back home. Got some home Made coffee, grabbed my book and came up to the terrace. I’m cold. The coffee is so so bitter, just the way I like it. Goes straight to the brain. I’m listening to an instrumental where the guy is using something called a Hangdrum. Very soothing. Perfect reading music. My shoes are blue and grey fluff. Like the sky right now. It’s 3 pm. Feels like 10 am. There’s a new bird around my house. It makes a lot of noise. I just saw it. Looks like any other bird, but I’m not wearing my glasses so I can’t really say. But why does it talk so much? 

It’s raining again. Softly. The drops are fatter now. I’m still cold. Even though I’m wearing my cape shawl. I’ll go inside when my phone dies and the hangdrum stops. 6%. 

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