Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I was hanging out in r2's room today, waiting for my car to pick me. And before I left, she said 'This is probably going to sound dramatic, but..chakar laga lia karo yaar. Come more often'

Whenever I start to get too restless about things not going my way. I turn on my Power saver mode. I cut down all my needs and wants and focus on basic shit. It helps. There's also the Survivor mode, but more on that later.

Finally got around to watching Full Metal Jacket. Read up a bit on the Vietnamese war.

Got a new phone. Loving it so far.

College is ending. College ending. Hasn't hit me yet.

A baby was born today.

When the heart is put off, the heart is put off.

Pears and peaches.

A friend's whatsapp status says 'Love is not what you say, but what you do'.

Oh Lord. Time to sleep.

More later. 

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