Saturday, August 22, 2015

Half life.

Before sleeping, I think about the cereal ill have for breakfast next morning. With cold milk. Its something I look forward to. It has raisins in it, which surprisingly, i don't mind.

 I am in love with my nephro teacher. And a song. It makes me very happy when somebody is as good at their job as he is.

 Why do we ignore the truth? Or reality. Call it whatever. But most often we know what's right. Which road to take. What path to choose. We know it with such certainty. Yet we ignore it anyway. With such deliberation too. Why is that? Well I think I know why ofc. We are our own slaves that's why. But..yeah.

 I was having chai after my afternoon nap and decided to play one of the four movies I downloaded last night. And in the middle of conversation, s2 said 'what's up with watching movies alone?'. Haha.

 I love cold mornings. When you get out of a warm bed, you're still warm. And you go out for a second. In the cold. Without your sweater, without your socks, in your flimsy half sleeved t shirt. And it wakes you up. Love that. Some people hate cold grey mornings. Not me, no sir.

Dreamed about space travel. And Aurora Borealis. Googled it in the morning to make sure it wasn't something my mind had come up with on its own. In the dream, there was a celestial event that we were going to witness at dawn, but the dream ended before we could. Ah.

A friend texted me yesterday:
'Are you coming to college tomorrow?'
Me: Yeah probably. Why?
'Toffee deni hai'
So at college today, i said where's my toffee? And true to her word, she took out two milk toffees and gave them to me. Haha, how cute.

A cockroach got stuck to my leg yesterday. Cant even..

I love it when someone can make you forget their face. When what is inside, is so shiny it blinds you to what they look like.

Stop.. Wait.. Unhand me.

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