Sunday, October 6, 2013


I should write more about movies. I love talking about movies.

I'm watching The Mist on the tv right now. I really like that movie. I've seen it before. I love that the movie doesn't focus too much on the monsters but rather about the people and the way they react to everything. I love it when random people get stuck together, in a life/death kind of situation and how it brings the best/worst out of them. It's mostly the worst, yeah, but isn't that fascinating? The anarchy. Which is the reason why i loved Lord of the Flies too. It's soooo. Raw. And creepy. I loved it. I love this concept in general. Oh and the creepy bible quoting lady adds so much to the film.

I watched another movie recently called Waking Life. It's by Richard Linklater. (Before sunrise, sunset, midnight) It was recommended to me by someone and i'm so glad i found it. Super crazy. It's basically about this guy who walks through a series of Lucid dreams and False awakenings and keeps having these amazing conversations with random strangers about life and people and dreams and all kinds of abstract mindscrambling ideas that make you go like whaaaaaa? I also love how each conversation ends abruptly leaving you hanging. I've only watched that movie once but I'm going to watch it again. Why? Because it's about my favourite topic. Dreams. And because i LOVE movies with good conversation.

Watched Woody Allen's To rome with Love last night. I love Jesse Eisenberg. Just sayin. It was a pleasant movie. Adequetly funny with a little bit of crazy. Good for watching during your 3 a.m food break. Actually no, you know what's better? SHARKTOPUS. I mean. Gotta love movies like that. Eight legged freaks, sharktopus, Anaconda. Perfect summertime movies  to give you company when you're up all night. Your brain will slowly rot away and you won't even feel it. :)

I watched Happythankyoumoreplease the other day. Josh Radnor. Never like him as Ted in HIMYM. Yuck. But then i watched Liberal Arts. And then Happythankyoumoreplease. I don't hate him anymore. There is only one word for the movies he makes. Mellow. SO mellow. I liked both of them.

Alright bye.

P.s. Yes. The orange dolly is back. Her name is Eve. For those who don't know. 


Ridx said...

I like watching funny, bright chirpy movies. The vow, Dear John, and The Diary of A Wimpy Kid. I like movies with good conversations so I will try Walking Life. And any movie that involves animals is awesome. Sharks and snakes and tigers. I am gonna watch it soon too. Yay. Thanks. :)

Furree Katt said...

You need to read The Mist. It's so amazing. AND SO EFFING TERRIFYING!!!! The book (or novella, rather) is way more intense than the movie, plus the ending is extremely different. I prefer the book ending, the movie one was just so UGHH.