Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hate is a strong word.

I hate a lot of little things. And big things. For instance.

When people exaggerate. And over react to a situation.  And blow things out of proportion by a mile. I mean. Why can't you take something for what it is? As s1 said the other day. Call a spade a freakin spade for goodness sake. No its not a fork. Nor is it a supersonic giant excavator that digs up gold from underneath the earth. It is a spade. And that is all.

I hate it when people impose their twisted opinions on other people.

I hate self righteous people. Myself being an exception. Understandably.

I hate it when people are extremely nice to me for no reason and then assume that I owe them something.

I hate not having a place to myself anymore. Not being able to spend any Me time. I hate being around people ALL the time.

I hate it when cats block my way.

I hate it when someone asks me to do something and then edits what I've done which makes it not mine and that pisses me off.

I hate watching people struggling to keep their eyes open for things that are not worth staying awake for. I hate it when people are half asleep but they keep denying it for no reason.

I hate it when people lie to themselves and to me.

I hate it when I'm trying to unplug the shower by poking a needle in all it's tiny holes and having a string of water seep down into my sleeve while doing so.

I hate dreaming of insects.

I hate people talking to me when I'm busy and clearly not listening to what they're saying.

I hate it that Sherlock episodes don't come out often enough.

I hate going for a viva unprepared.

I hate it when it rains outside and I sit inside doing nothing.

I hate the night before a test. It makes me hate everything.


Nina said...

Good luck for the test! Hope it goes so well you come out loving at least as many things as you hate :)

Nina said...

Another Nina here to tell you that the world is already too full of hate. Why not transform the extreme into love? Probably better than downright apathy.

The Me. said...

sometimes it's fun to be evil and hate everything. it's therapeutic I tell you.