Sunday, December 9, 2012

The other day.

The other day:

Sleep deprived. Day 3. Minimal sleep. An hour here, twenty minutes there. I'm sick of my red zombie eyes, i miss my old eyes. Fresh eyes. Awake eyes. Human eyes. I'm so exhausted, my body refuses to function. Coffee, sting, redbull. Whatever. Sleep, is what i need.

You know how at times you open a nut, say, an almond or a peanut, and instead of the nut, you find this black shriveled up piece of husk inside? Well, that's sort of what my head is like. Husk, being what's left of my brain.

On another note, there's also this constant feeling at the back of my head that needs to be dealt with. That life's not in control. And everything is going to fall apart. Soon. But let's deal with that once i'm out of the shit i'm presently in.



Got done with the worst of things. Tried to sleep. Finally. Couldn't. Of course. Of course, when you finally have the time and opportunity to sleep, you can't. Anyhow, I went to the movies with s2 and another friend. It was fun. I've taken a tablet that will make me sleepy. I'm warm. Goodbye now.


Talitha said...

Go go sleep.
Really if sleep were sold by the same ayurvedic quack selling maalish oil and things,the tag would read 'best for head,hangover and heart'.

Furree Katt said...

I sincerely hope you get enough sleep soon!

FYF said...

I do love sleeping I do

don't get nearly enough.
ap ke dukh hum samajhte hain
jee haan. yahi vote daalein.

The Me. said...

I did sleep. A lot. Later. Somehow it never seems enough!