Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Things have been haywire. Since far too long. But i feel like I'm finally getting things under control now. Over the past few weeks, things have been in sync. Studies, home, sleep. Things have been under control. A few days back, I went reckless and took the bus home with s2 to surprise everyone. Mom was ecstatic. I don't regret it. Took days off from college, which definitely puts my attendance in jeopardy but I still don't care. It was worth it. I got to meet with a cousin of mine who(whom?) i hadn't talked to in ages. It was good to meet him. And my Nano. Played Tabboo till late last night with friends and cousins. Fun. Now I'm back at the hostel. For the first time in almost 2 years, I'm having roommate issues. And I'll have to say, it sucks. I miss the comfort of my non-awkward, non-issue room. But I can't really help things. Maybe I'm too stubborn. Maybe I'm right. I don't know. All i can do for now, is what feels right. And that's that.

My throat is messed up. Blocked, itchy, painful, dry. But I'm taking my meds, so I'm hoping it won't get any worse. I have my Biochemistry Practical - Viva tomorrow. I'm still reading the first experiment. There are a billion more to go. But i do have time. It's only 8. Ive been watching Sherlock lately. Season 2. And ah, how i LOVE that show. I love love love Sherlock Holmes. Its one of those things I obsess about a little. Like Titanic. Cumberbatch is awesome. So was Richard Roxburgh. But Robert Downey? NOH PLISS. I'll never see him as Sherlock Holmes. No sir. Anyway. Every time Sherlock dies, I cry. Can't help it. Movie, tv show, book. I well up whenever he dies. But I'm glad they chose to not kill him in Sherlock. The part where Dr.Watson talks to Sherlock's grave, kills me. It kills meh! Imma watch it again. And shit, I'm just rambling. On and on. Bleh.

 Its 8:12 pm. I need to eat something sweet. I wonder what though. Biscuits with tea maybe. Yeah that'll do.

 Ah. I miss home. I miss my cousins. I miss being at my khala's, going out everyday, eating good food, having good conversation, and laughing at things that are genuinely funny. I need to hang out with N too. Which I don't think is happening anytime soon, since we're both so busy. But I want to. I want to be around My People. Because My People, are nice. And they make me feel good. But then, you can't always have everything. So I guess I'll have to suck it up.

 I've missed blogging.

 And I miss these brownies. That s1 hasn't baked for me since SO long -__- .


FarhanJ said...

who is for subject and whom for object. It's something i too jumble up alot.

BT said...

I was casually reading your post until the brownie picture jumped out at me. Thank you for making my day.

P.S. Tell s1 to bake some for me too.

Nina said...

And I hope you're better soon :)

Ally said...

I deleted it because my blog is being stalked by an unwanted person lol.. but yes I am engaged! =) and getting married next month=D

Ally said...

That brownie is too awesome for words. I gained 5 pounds just looking at it -_-

The Me. said...

FarhanJ: I see!

Nina, BT: I knoww right? I miss this brownie. =[ Our oven's not well. So. =[

Ally: OmG. Congratulations! :D I don't even know you yet this makes me happy. Seriously.
Aw! Best of luck for everything coming your way!

Ally said...

Thank you =D I would ask you to facebook me but that wouldn't be appropriate considering the fact that your identity on the blog is anonymous so I will respect that =D

Morpheus said...

Hahaha aww my baby!
Come home and I'll make you a tankful of brownies. Whats a tankful? I dont know why I said that, but I will :D