Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am astonished at my inability to concentrate on my test syllabus for more than 10 seconds. I am astonished. And a little depressed. I had no distractions today. I watched two episodes of Downton, i had a huge mug of coffee, i showered, i was alone at home. No distractions. Had only my book by my side. Yet. I could not study. I read two lines. And then started thinking about the randomest of things. About what stationery i had to pack with me. Which friends I had lost touch with. Which perfume my mom was buying for me today. What drivers still needed to be installed on my laptop. I thought of everything, except Physiology. I tried reading out loud, i tried motivating myself. I tried to just go through the text at least once. But i couldn't. There was always something more important on my mind. Or more interesting. So i decided to just lie back, and think thoroughly about everything that was on my mind. So i could study in peace later. Ha. As if. But I did it anyway. I lied down on my back like a dead person and closed my eyes...and fell asleep. Win. -___- I woke up an hour later. Thought about more trivial matters. Whatsapped with a couple of friends. And then everybody came back home from shopping. Now that I've seen whatever they bought, I'm waiting for the Chinese to get here because I'm starving at the moment. s1 brought movies. I think we're going to watch New Year's Eve tonight. I have zero expectations from that movie. But oh well. That's what being on holiday means right? Staying up late, wasting time, watching shitty movies, eating till you want to puke and sleeping till your head hurts. I think I've gone off topic. Ah. I can't study. I haven't studied. I am deliberately ruining any chance of passing this test. I need to pass this test. BUT I CAN'T MAKE MYSELF STUDY. I haven't studied at all this year. Second year, that is. I just haven't. I've managed to pass my tests, but I haven't given any real time to studying. Haven't properly studied for a single test. Not one. What is wrong with me? =] Okay bye. I've whined enough for the day. P.s. The entire time I was writing this post, Linsdey Stirling's Crystallize kept playing in my head. Just saying.

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