Thursday, April 5, 2012

Drive by.

I'm in a good mood this morning. Slept after three in the morning. Yesterday was a goood day. Tiring, but fun. S1's in town. We went out for lunch, got a haircut, that i'm really happy with, bought a set of dominoes, played with that set, attempted to install windows 7(unsuccefully) twice on my new laptop, stayed up till late to drop off someone to the airport. Came back and slept. Woke up today, packed some of my things, had left over prawns and strawberries for breakfast and now i'm on my way to college.

New happy song: Drive by - Train.


BT said...

Sounds like fun. What haircut did you get?

I like Train too. <3

S. said...

You will have to delete two of the four drives during setup to make space for Windows 7. Preferably drives 2 and 3. :)