Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have things on my mind. I have things on my mind. I have things on my mind.
Things that won't let me study for my ugly Biochem test on Metabolism.
And on top of that, I had this ugly dream where my knee was torn and I could see everything inside, and there was weird white stuff in it, and it was SO gross, that the thought of it makes me wasnt to puke. Literally. Im nauseous right now. That image of my torn knee with the weird stuff inside, is stuck in my head, and it won't go away. And i have THINGS ON MY MIND. And N's always busy these days. And I BADLY want a laptop, or a new phone now. I NEED INTERNET. I can't live without it any longer. [In case you're wondering about how i'm blogging if i don't have internet, i should tell you that I'm using s1's laptop, because she's sleeping]. I need a room of my own. Not because I have issues living with the roomies, but because I miss being on my own. I MISS IT. I want my own room already! I WANT. And i can't wait till 3rd year to get it. I want it right NOW.
And Im running out of money.
And I really really need to study. Metabolisms suck!

This is just one of my weaker moments.
But lets get ourselves together now shall we?

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phatichar said...

This was a good rant (as rants go)