Monday, March 19, 2012

Rant 2.

Warning: this might be another rant-only post.

So hi. I hate biochemistry. What's up with all the metabolisms and their enzymes and the regulation of those enzymes and the neverendingness of it all? And what's up with expecting me to learn it ALL in just a few days? No fair. I cant do it, no sir.
Okay. Other than that, I'm confused. I feel like I want my own room. But then getting a cubicle is not that easy. And the entire procedure involves a lot of hassle. And I'm not sure if I want onto through all of that. But I need to make my mind up soon. Allotments aren't far away.
I can't sleep. My head hurts. I can't study. But I can't sleep either. So I feel unfresh.
I'm thankful for barbican and fruit rollups.
And I can't write properly right now cuz s2 wants her phone(which I'm typing on). So whatever. Time to end my haphazard phone. Bye.

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Roshni said...

Biochem sucks alright. Stupid metabolism.