Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of r2 and me.

Here's what r2 (roommate) thinks of me:

*'you're the most ridiculous person i've ever met. You should know that'

*r2: you're such a chiiiild
me: you're such a mom. I'm sad for you.

*To r1: 'WHERE did you find this girl?'

*'What are you?'

*'You look like a chinese cat'

*'Your mom called you a sensible bachi. Hahah. Why did she say that? How could she say that? I find it funny'.

*'A, you are a perfect baby'

*'A, aap aik bachi hainnn'

*'isko please koi baahar dustbin main phenk aaye'.

*r2: Why is that place so messy?
me: because three people were sitting there a while ago.
r2: But only the place where you were sitting is messy. What does that indicate?
me: that you're not a good mommie.
r2: ....
me: and you failed to clean up after your baby. :)
r2: *goes and cleans up the mess*

*r2: Are you trying to threaten me?
me: I'm not trying. I am threatening you.
r2: ....
me: ....
r2: okay, you win.
me: thankyou.


Roshni said...

You're a bully aren't you? :P haha

Anonymous said...

haha..that was an interesting read. Poor r1 and r2! :P

how about we follow each other? :)