Saturday, January 7, 2012

Of a good day.

It rained today. Played Name/place/animal/thing/movie with friends at college. Won. Walked to the hostel in rain. Went out with friends. Had a huge chocolate toblerone cone. Took pictures. Laughed and talked till my jaws hurt. Literally. Watched Deathnote like crazy with r2. Watched a stupid movie. Drank horlicks.

I can smell rain in the corridor outside, and i have no test tomorrow.

For now, life is good.


Randomhyper. said...


Ally said...

Have you seen Water for Elephants?
Have you seen The 70's Show.. youre def going to love it if you havent =]

Aleeta Hassan said...

That sounds so.. appetizing. like it gets me excited, the perfectness of it all. toblerone (Y)
hope you have innumerable such days :D