Saturday, February 26, 2011

Helium hail.

Hello. I finally found a way to blog from my cellphone. Im hoping it'll work.
OmG. The weather today? How awesome? No, tell me! HOW awesome? It hailed like crazy and it looked like snow. Im in love. I have this major test on monday and i havent started preparing yet cuz i couldnt resist the weather and went out. We had sucha nice time. Pretty.
Im at my khala's for the weekend. Weekends are fun here. I look forward to them. Im really annoyed with my hostel/college people. Becausee! I dont know, they're way too study prone. I mean. They take it SO seriously. And the girls are all like oooo, this that. I dont know. Whatever. I get really annoyed. And around them, i feel dumb. But im not dumb. But i feel dumb around them cuz they study all the time and they know everything. Even my friends. I like a couple of my friends here. One of em baked me a cake for my Bday and how sweet was that? :/ yum.
I've had alooot of fun lately and life just ain't settling down. I just feel like fast forwarding everything. I need stability and certainty. Too much chaos. Its annoying. Very.
Im bipolar these days. I get these weird mood phases. Sigh. Im trying to be patient with myself and letting things be, for now. Life's colours are fluctuating. Gray.White.Black.White.Black.Black.Gray. Like that.
Ooh. Btw, i forgot to mention. My birthday was amazing! I was surprised two times in a day, haha, like thats even possible. But yeah i was. I got the best gifts. I love it when i get nice personalized gifts. Unlike those cliched photo frames and boxes of chocolate.
God's awesome.
I love how my voice sounds after inhaling helium. Its hilarious. :D I be a helium addict. Nomnom. No. Just exaggerating. Whatev.
Im sleepy. I should study.

P.s. I love all you blog reading people. You be the sweetest. Thankyou for all the wishes :D . I swear i like you peepils truly. :D *hands out chocolates*


Roshni said...

what gifts? :p

The Me. said...

Hahah. Well. Money :D, an adorable turtle stuff toy(cuz ive been nicknamed 'slowboy' these days -.-), awesome sandals, a coffee mug with the initial of another nickname i got, fruit rollups (candies that i was dying to eat) , and umm. Yeah clothes. And a tshirt. And. Um. Oooh yes. A puppet. A doctor puppet. :D yayie.

Roshni said...

Just spoke to my momma who's mazzay karing in Lhr these days, she said the same thing about the rain. I always miss out! =(
Money always wins :p

SaJ said...

Let's all get high on helium!
Just saying.

Tazeen said...

Snow. *wistful*

Personalized gifts are good. Even better when they're handmade! Okay. I'm just saying that because I make gifts for my friends rather than purchase them from the stationery shop down the road. Yeah.

Your postscript is adorable. :D