Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winters, and other things.

I love walking on the terrace at night. Its cold. Its refreshinchihuly apo-artg. Its peaceful and quiet. Its amazing. I love winters for all its amazingness. I am in love with life. I’m sooo lucky.

I get to sleep warm in my bed. I get to drink hot coffee. And  to eat those round cookies-with-sweet-sticky-red-thing-on-top anytime i want. I get to wear matching shoes everyday to tuition and choose what pen i want to write with each day. I get to sit at night with my parents and watch my dad watch the news. And spend time with my sisters, together stalking people on facebook. I get to be upset when the waters not hot in the shower! I get to make choices, little ones and big ones too. I get to make mistakes, big ones and stupid ones.

I get to choose.

For all this, and so much more, i can’t feel thankful enough. =]


uzme said...

You adorable lil thing!

Note: said...


Ifrahess said...

i love your optimistic take on life =D