Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of moscheetos and other things. =p

My hands are freezing and the moscheetos won’t stop biting.  mosquito.Mortein refuses to help and drowning myself in annoyingly-sweet-smelling Mospel didn’t do me any good either. The moscheetos continue to harass me. The baby moscheeto on the right looks so adorable btw. I wonder why i chose this image. %-) Anyway!

Talking about winters, i just remembered. Being in kindergarten, we had this speech competition at school. Everyone was given a topic, according to which we had to dress too. There was a tree, rainbow, lunchbox (pfff!), egg, toothpaste, and a moscheeto. =\ . I, on the other hand was ‘Winter’. =] Grandness. I was winters, and i was dressed up in this long grey coat. My mom had sewn little cotton balls on it, that looked like snow. I was wearing a matching grey woolen cap. With the same cotton balls. I gave my cute little dumb speech and stood Third. The toothpaste won, followed by the Red Riding Hood i guess. Anyway. I still have that picture hanging on the living room wall. Me as Winter. =]

Hmm. By the way, its 3 a.m. I don’t like the feeling of waking up at 4pm, all drowsy and weird. I hate the feeling of waking up in the middle of the day. Like half the day has gone by, and everyone’s getting on with their day as usual *OMG I JUST REMEMBERED A DREAM I HAD TODAY =\* and ive just started. Like im late. Or something. Anyway. The dream. Well, i think i’ll write about that later. I don’t want to darken the mood over here now. :p .

So, im done.


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MagicalMe said...

I hate that feeling too. it feels as if you've missed out on a hell lot of things. as if... well, you know how it feels. =/