Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finding homes in humans.

What I want to do. Is to wake up at 7 a.m in a hilly place. Go out and have a cup of chai. Cold wind. Warm tea. Bare feet. That's how I want to start my day. This month is testing me. Mentally. Dad made me help him carry heavy stuff upstairs. Got my knuckle skin peeled off. I feel like a kid all over again. Yesternight, the sky burst open. It showered and it showered some more. And we had no electricity for eight hours. Me and s2 got drenched in the rain. I had to come inside because i started shivering. I feel restless. I went for a walk. Even though it's so humid outside. It helped. But I still feel restless. I feel very strongly about anger. I think it brings out the blackest ugliest part of a person. They say alcohol is haram. Drugs are haram. I wish people here were as mindful of controlling their anger as they are about these things. Just saying. This month I decided to be a little extra good to my parents. Make more effort. So I did. And it made such a difference. I'm happy. My book pipeline works very smoothly. I finish one book. Then I read the next one in the pipeline. And that's how it goes, at a good, normal pace. But the past year has changed things. And now I have tons of books to read and my pipeline is jammed with books trying to make their way to me. I'm reading like three books at once and I need to slow down. I am back in the City. The air smells and feels different. Not looking forward to college tomorrow. But life must go on and shit must be tolerated. I think I'm going to sleep early tonight. What have we done to this world?

Oh and btw. These are bits and pieces that I wrote over a period of one month. Ain't much, just crumbs. 

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Salam. I have emailed you. Please do check when you get time. :)