Thursday, June 18, 2015


One should not spend the entire day inside the house. More often than not, it will drive you nuts.
It only makes sense that when your physical self is not functioning as much, your mental self will go into overdrive and think itself into insanity. I'm always afraid of going through this when i come home. It's not that I don't have things to keep busy with. It's just. I need to be physically active for at least some part of the day. Usually, college takes care of that. But i'm on summer break so, there needs to be something else.
My mind feels cluttered. I've been going in circles about certain things in my head. And now i'm sick of it. I'm also sick of looking at screens. My laptop screen. TV screen. Phone screen. Yuck. I don't watch tv, but still. Yuck.
What i'd like to do right now, is to shower, sit outside and let my hair dry in the wind. Except, instead of wind, there are mosquitoes outside who will bite me and disturb my peace.
It's already nine, but it feels like 6. I woke up late. That is the problem. I need to stop waking up late. I'm too old to be doing this shit.

Deep breath.



Ghadeer said...

Maybe get some work experience? *annoying auntie voice*

A said...

Relatable. I am going bonkers sitting at home with nothing productive to do. Reading is fun but sitting on your bum and reading all day can be tiring too.