Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Carrots and strawberries.

Today was close to perfect. It has been raining non stop since last night. I sat outside for hours. Just looking at how vibrant the green looks against the red. Red being, the bricks and the tiles of my porch. The sky, grey with a whisper of pink. Later i walked a bit, in the rain. Couldn't see it. Only felt the fine shower on my face. I drank that Vanilla Latte sachet that i see everyday in the kitchen closet, but never bother to open. It wasn't bad. I also sang songs. Because i was alone at home and it was fun. To sing songs in the rain. s2 is here now. We all had Paaye. Hot paaye. Yum. Oh and i also went to the gym earlier. Had the place all to myself since i was early. Watched an episode of House of Cards and saw Frank bully innocent people. It was fun.
I mean. My parents came home and dad called me beforehand. He asked me to get the umbrella and open the gate for them. And i did. And all the while i was grinning with happiness. Just because.
*happy sigh*


A said...

Hey there! I was having a bad day and I decided to login to my blogger and I realized that the only blog that interests me anymore is yours. It has this fresh thing to it. So natural and without any pretense. I read all your posts even though I don't comment on all of them and love the way you write. I hope you would never abandon this blog. Have a great life. :)

The Me. said...

Oh man. Your comment made me smile. thank you so much! ((: