Saturday, July 26, 2014

It's the tea.

Having trouble falling asleep tonight.
Got sandy eyes but a loud heart. And a louder mind.
Only had two cups of tea. Is it just the tea?
Walked in the garden as it rained today. Miniscule drops of heaven, light enough to be felt, not seen.
There's unrest inside me tonight.
Is it just me or does the heart feel more and the mind wonder more once its past 4 in the morning? Im sure its not just me. It's all of us.
It's past seven and I'm just thinking,  what's going on in this world? Really. What the hell is happening and why are we letting it happen? Do you know?
I have missed s1 without realising it as strongly as I am at the moment.
There are things that need to be bought and made ready. Things to be checked off a list. There's hardly time now.
Interestingly, there's little disconnection. Just more lost tonight (this morning?) than usual. 
I know.
Its the tea. And the time.
And the loudness.
Let me wake up. Fall asleep first. And life will feel normal again.



Farhan Jalil said...

dark days and darker nights.....sigh....

Rija Yousuf said...

I don't know what's happening to the whole world all of a sudden either. It's a lot of history to observe at once.

The Me. said...

^ true that.