Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pieces of life.

I love teacups. And sherlock holmes. And Titanic. I love coffee and sandwiches. Fat crispy sandwiches. And cinnamon rolls. The coffee shouldn't be too sweet though. Books with names like Richmond and Huxley. And pen and paper. And ink. Yellow old paper that has turned soft. Rooms with minimal furtniture. Study tables. Table lamps. Yellow light. That new bag that I haven't yet bought. With the long chain. Rain. On beautiful rain. At night and in the morning. Bus rides. Window seat. Communication. Long conversations that shake my neurons. Family. Unbreakable bonds. Piano. Instrumentals. Fur Elise. Little beauty boxes with dancing girls. Old disney movies and friendship. Laughter. Uncontrollable senseless laughter. The smell of caramel popcorns inside the cinema. Loose shirts. Shopping. A thousand shirts and pants and shoes and everyday things. Showers. Acid clean. Burgers. And fries. With a drink. Slurp. Little bald girls in frocks. Crazy funny little girls. Thunderstorms. Bicycles. Swimming. Movement. Adrenaline. Life.


Thoth said...


Otherwise a goodlist.

Anonymous said...

Omg I love this. I love you :') just thought you should know. I have no idea who you are, but I feel like you're me. Okay...sorry for that.

The Me. said...

Thoth: oo. Interesting observation.

Anonymous: awww. Thankyou :D that makes me happy!! But why anonymous? I don't bite. (:

Morpheus said...

So many girls in that list hahaha!
Dancing girls, bald little girls, little girls.

Remya said...

hahah! Everything except the old disney movies. Argh, otherwise I would have devoured this list.

Hello, you :)