Sunday, January 6, 2013

Of 2012 and random nothings.

2013 is here. Hi. I feel futuristic.
2012 came and went. And the world didn't end. I didn't expect it to anyway.

This year was. Hmm. I think it was like any other year. It was just another milestone in my life, unique in itself in some ways of course. This year,

I grew. I refused to grow. I ran from the truth. I confronted some fears. Met new people. Forgot about them. Revised my opinions about some people. Learned some lessons. Surprised people. Got surprised. Faced disappointment. Wasted time. Begged for more time. Slept a lot. Stayed up for days. Zoned out. Had a quiet birthday. Stopped being a teenager. Dreamed a lot. Lost a lot. Stayed lost. Fought with uncertainty. Had my patience tested. Broke some rules. A lot of rules. Made new rules. Broke them too. And made them again. Got mad at my self. Got mad at the world. Found peace. Struggled with doubt. Consumed more caffeine than ever before. And whined about everything.
 It was like all the years before it. It was a year of love. And loneliness. And doubt. And comfort. And strength. And laughter. And restlessness. And gratitude. And then there was more.

Oh well.

On an abrupt note, here are some pictures of random nothings. Random nothings are awesome.

A lamp and other shit in s1's room.

Aw. My little loyal one. You were nice to me.

A parrot i fount at my friend's place.

Shiny paan. :D


My little baby. :')

p.s Both food items were made by s1.


Thoth said...

And yet you didn't chose bullets today.

And a very good year to you too, young lady.

The Me. said...

Haha. Bullets help in ranting. Little phrases were enough for this.

Thankyou. Here's hoping..

SaJ said...

I like the apple and the dragon.

The Me. said...

I love the Apple and the 'dragon'. They're from Deathnote. <: