Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Time to shake some dust off this place. 
The year has come to an end, once again.
There's a new years bonfre/bbq at Nd's place, once again. 
But so much has happened. 
And this post is not going to be a summary of that. 

s2 made me realise the strangest thing today. Which is, that nothing bad has ever really happened to me. Nothing major. Yes, obviously I have had my ups and downs. But my timeline has been pretty straight, no crazy curves, no loops, no zigzags. Well some zigzags maybe, but that's about it. Thing is, everyone has to go through it at some point. Everyone must fall. Eventually. And seems like I just begun mine. Fall, i.e. Its an odd feeling. But it will pass. And I will come out stronger. 
This december sort of feels like a cold, misty gray morning. With thandi dhoop you know? There has been much morbidity around me. Reality keeps showing its face and we keep covering our eyes, but for how long? 

Mothers have super powers. They sense things. Today, parents came home and i went to open the gate. Mom hugged me and wouldn't let go. She said we are Locked twins and we will stay like this. Made me laugh. 

I am also in love with my winter walks. They make my day. I love being warm all over. Yet not being able to feel my face. I love how most houses in my locality are decorated with fairy lights. I love that people bring their dogs out for walks. I love the winter sky. I love how Orion stares you in the face. I love it that my face goes red. Especially my nose. Love, love, love.

"We are moving into a time when the image would become more important than the object itself, when appearance would be preferred to reality and it would be ever harder to know the truth" - 
Had to note this down when i first heard it. Don't remember the name of the guy who said it though. 

I think it's quite amazing that at the moment I have absolutely no idea what my life will be like in 6 months time. 

Also, I have no resolutions. I already know the things i want to do, and who i want to be. The decisions i have to make. And its a constant struggle. Which shall continue into the following year. 

Till next time!