Friday, November 20, 2015


Had the most beautiful dream last night. Well, more like early morning. There was rain, cozy corridors, the feeling of an almost. People, multiplicity, and an overhanging feeling of joy. Also there was a lamp. I'm listening to this song by Vancouver Sleep Clinic as I think about this dream. It's the kind of song that makes you feel cold. The good kind of cold. The cold you imagine to be feeling when it's raining outside. The comfortable, feet warm nose cold kind of cold.
Ah. *happy sigh*

Thursday, November 5, 2015

This is not a poem.

                  I feel 14 today.
                  And also 25.
                  I am me,
                  and four other people,
                      and ten more,
                      and then a million,
                  but also just one.

                               My new room is cozy
                               All that's missing
                                    is a bed, a closet, lamp
                                    something to sit on,
                                    and what makes a room..
                                                          ..a room.
                             But it belongs to me
                             The thought is cozy enough.

    I had a headache,
    so I took a nap
    a cold, disturbed nap.
    drank tea
    wore a sweater
         a rich green shade,
         An odd forest green
         that could be called emerald
         if it weren't so plain.
  Maybe not even then

                 I dislike all fiction that starts with 'She'
                              Hate is a strong word,
                 But it puts me off.
                 I don't read things that start with 'She'
                                                        Or even 'he'
                 Come on I'm not sexist.

"All is One and One is All"
Someone asked my 6th grade history teacher,
about What this line meant
             She hesitated
And then said
    it was something beyond our level
    a complicated concept.
    and irrelevant to the chapter.
But because she hesitated,
    I was fascinated.
So i never forgot
those words or her hesitation.
And remember it even now
 when I am 25 and 14.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

500th post.

Thankyou invisible readers. And everyone who has ever dropped a comment or an email. You have made my day every time.

P.s. On this joyous occasion I would encourage you, (YES YOU!) to make your presence known and make me happy once more.
Comment/mails, any feedback is welcome.