Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today's my last day in the hostel. Im leaving in a few hours. Not going home directly i think. We all might go north. Its going to be fun if we do.
But whatever. OmG. Im finally free.
Im going home!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Icy cherries yo.

Yellow, peoples.
I just had tea and a butter croissant. Im so full. I had a little Biryani before that. I should eat minimal. I feel so healthy whenever i eat minimal.
I also had cherries in the morning. You know how i like to eat my cherries? I like to keep them in the freezer for some. Then i take them out after a while and they have this thin layer of ice on em. And ooooo. Then i eat em. Heavenly. Yum yum.
I finished The Client this afternoon. Wasn't as exciting and fast paced as the other grisham novels. The eleven year old kid was way too smart to be real. :/ Bleh.
OMG. I cannot contain my love for Atlas Shrugged inside me. I going to finish it over the summers. Im going to take my time. But i recently watched a couple of scenes from its movie, and i cant wait to watch it. Ofcourse no movie could ever do justice to it, but maybe it would come close enough. Eeee. It fascinates me. The book.
Oo. My roomate's here. We have to study Physiology together. Huge test coming, as usual. Blah.
Sooo. I gotta jet. But man, i have more things to talk about. So. Okay. Ill brb. Ill continue this later. Stay put.
Okay back. I didn't really study. We just talked. I had some more cherries. Yumyum.
People like me. :)

BTW. I've been very sucky lately. I havent been reading blogs nor commenting. I'll be a nice little girly when i go home, and will read all you peepils blogs. Okayokayokay? Okay.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the 'other' phase.

It rained last night. And that made me miss home. Here, in the hostel, i have two phases. One is when i'm all positive, and having a good time with my roomates (almost), and liking the whole 'living in the hostel' experience. At those times, i say to myself, 'hey, this ain't so bad afterall'. And then there's the other phase. The gray phase. When little things that people do around me annoy me more than they normally do. When i hate living in the hostel, and when i feel like a square peg in a round hole (thats the term for it, no?). Im in that 'other phase' right now.
It rained last night, and i just went to sleep. I should've been out there, with my headphones and my thoughts and the rain, but i wasn't. I just went to sleep. Not like me. So not like me. I just didn't feel like it.
Is it wrong that the nerdyness of my college has started to bother me alot lately? I mean. One of them sucks up to this teacher so much. It It really does. And then the whole study-anytime-you're-free routine. See. Today's the second sunday that im spending here in the hostel instead of going to my khala's. I have a substage tomorrow that is very scary. So well. It was sunday so i was like, yayiee, ill get to sleep in today. And at 8 a.m in the morning, R1 (roomate 1) woke me up. And goes like:

r1: 'wake uuuuup. Don't you have to study?'
me: *grumpy* uhmm..what time is it?
r1: its 8! We have a substage tomorroww!
me: 8? OmG. Noo.. Im sleeping. Its sunday, its too earlyy!

At 11ish:
r1 and r2: Wake uuuuup! Its ELEVEN!
Me: sooooooo?
r2: *myname*, its ELEVEN!!
r1: yeaah, wake up, its ELEVEN! How much dyu want to sleep?
me: so whaaaaat? Why are you guys up so earlyy?
r1: i woke at 7:30.
r2: and i, at 8.
me: you guys are nuts. Let me sleeeep. >.<

... :/ . So yeah. Thats what I am like. I mean its obviously not their fault cuz they're used to waking up early. Its just me.
And ee, i don't like people doing all the extra unimportant topics for the test, and then if asked about it, go like 'haha, see im nuts, im doing the extra stuff' . Err okay. You have an option of not doing it. Whatever.
Im just annoyed, i don't even know why. Usually, i'm all chill. This phase is annoying.
im looking forward to tomorrow, cuz i get to meet two of my old friends. From back home. So thats nice. Hopefully.
Okay bye. -.-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Of survivor modes, and magnets.

I downloaded a new notepad like app for my cellphone on which i can write my blog and then post it online whenever i want. I like it. Yay. Its a fullscreen white page with a little black font. I like.
Anyway. So yes. I am on survivor mode. I turned it on yesterday. My survivor mode is awesome. Things just get easier during that. I make them easier for myself. I become more adaptable. Less lazier. Because i just think, that yknow, whatever, enough of the whining and complaining, i just need to get through this now. And then i actually, do, thankstoGod, get through whatever i need to get through. I have a huge number of tests coming up, with no time to prepare, coupled with a dire aching to go home for summer holidays. So i turned on my mode for this month. And i'm far.
I remember there was a time when i used to blog daily or with a day's gap. Good times. Now, i hardly get time. Oh my God, which reminds pc's busted. It had this stupid virus in it, which i left untreated, thinking it would go away or stay dormant till i wanted it to..only it didnt. It took over my pc and started throwing lame errors at me. And now it won't start -.- . So much for staying dormant. I have to figure out a way to get it fixed without having to move around much.
What else. I saw something today. And im officially grossed out by cats now. 'nuff said.
Imma have an energy drink at college tomorrow. I find it harder and harder to stay awake during lectures lately. My eyes, its like. I have magnets on my eye lid, and that place-where-the-eyelid-meets-when-you-close-your-eye. And so they're always attracted to each other, and no matter what i do, i cant keep them apart. I have to fight actual magnetic forces during class. Thats something right? And omG did i actually write this lame a paragraph? Sorry for wasting however many seconds of your life it took you to read this. Not the entire post, just this paragraph. About the magnets.okay? heeeh. :)
okay i should sleep now. Baaaye baaaaye.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Minitriphome 2.

Akon sang a hindi song. And it sucks. Can't do anything about it.

My minitriphome is actually a very mini trip. I leave tomorrow. I have huge scary tests coming up after this, and my preperation is nothing. So Im scared. Home is amazing. I CAN'T wait for July. I really really can't. I mean. Why won't July come already? Have so many hectic days before it comes though. This test and that test.
My issue is, that i don't know what my priorities are. I don't know if i want to do really good at studies, or if i want to just have fun, and do enough at college to pass the course. I really don't know. I want both. Somehow. And then! I have everybody (which is actually my family) , telling me that I need to take more days off college, and find time for fun. But my friends at college, and my roommates are all SO pro-studies, that even if i take everything lightly, watching them do so much makes me all guilty. Its messed up -.- So. Yes. I need to figure thigns out. For the next month, though, I know what i want. I just want to pass my tests and head back home. That's it.

I haven't been posting any pictures on my blog lately. I need to do more of that. Hmm.

I hate ironing clothes. Its such a hassle. I need a limitless supply of jeans, and tops that I can wear to college daily and not worry about a thing. Okay?

Other than that. Well. Im in a whiny mood. But I hate whining, because nothing good really comes out of it. It just makes me more anonyed, because I keep talking about one thing over and over again, and it doesn't go away. So whats the point really?

Bluekh. Whatever. More later.

p.s. Watched inglorious basterds again today. Fun.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Minitriphome. :D

Im home. Right now. In s1's room. In the A.c. I just woke up. About to have coffee. THEN, I have to study - unforunately. BUT. Im Home! It was a rather sudden plan. I had planned to go to college today and then start for home in the evening and reach at night, sort of. But. s2 and my cousin N intervened, and gave me this lecture about how i needed a break, and to take college less seriously. o.O They all think that i take it all way too seriously. I think it's because of the mahol around me. Im in the hostel, and EVERYBODY studies there, and there's not much else they do. So eventhough i make it a point to stay normal, I guess it sometimes rubs off on me, and I turn into this worrisome nerdy little thing who dies everytime she has a test. SO, i guess i welcomed this intervention. They kept me from going insane. Lol. And. I ended up skipping college today, and taking the 8:45 am bus home. =]

SERIOUSLY. Its way better than the first part. And I'm in love. Hayay. I need to watch it a couple of times more.

I like being reckless. This is my reckless phase. I like.

Okay okay i write more later okay?

Okay bye bye.